• Creativity and discography

    For more than 10 years, as a session drummer and percussionist, I have been professionally involved in music, performing at events of all sizes, from small jazz clubs to thousands-people of stadiums, recording albums and conducting workshops.

  • I am happy to perform and arrange any music, from ethnic and pop to fusion and neo soul.

EP «Freedom»

In March 2020, my first EP «Freedom» was release

The recording of the mini-album was attended by such musicians as Orest Filipov, Vladimir Lebedev, Alexei Nesterenko and famous hip-hop artist - J Scope. All arrangements belong to the famous sound producer, artist of the Trippy Code Records label - Nikita Schur (Rafthouse).

Alexander Seleznov etc

Single «No More Wars» (2019)

«No More Wars» is the first single by Ukrainian drummer Oleksandr Seleznyov, featuring Orest Filipov and Nikita Schur. The composition is inspired by experimental trends: indie, acid jazz, fusion music. It includes atmospheric sounds, virtuoso saxophone solo and a creative drumming.

Single «Waves» with Marta Luybchyk (2021)

The single «Waves» - is a collaboration between Ukrainian drummer Oleksandr Seleznyov and vocalist Marta Luybchyk. The music intertwines Ukrainian ethnic motifs, fantastic flutes, modern beats by Oleksandr and charing voice of Marta Luybchyk.

Discography, in various projects:

  • Bryats Band - «Бряц-Band» (2008)
  • Hillsong Kiev - «Неразделимы» (2010)
  • Hillsong Kiev - «Ритм благодати" (2012)
  • Hillsong Kiev - «Бог есть Любовь» (2011)
  • LAMPA - «Wormwood» (2015)
  • LAMPA - «Too Late» (2016)
  • Bryats Band - «Acoustic» (2016)
  • Lake Placid - «Rock is Still Alive» (2017)
  • Jabberheads - «Birds Of November» (2020)

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